ABM Neuromovement

ABM Neuromovement is aimed at helping the brain to do its job better. The brain is always adapting itself. If you provide the brain with information in the right way, you can make use of this process to improve its functioning. Neuromovement does using movement.

We specifically do not use movement to exercise or stretch muscles. Everything we do, and especially the way in which we go about it, is from the point of view of the brain and how it learns and adapts best. Find out more here.

When Neuromovement?

Neuromovement is for people of every age. It uses fundamental properties of the brain. That is why Neuromovement can be useful in diverse circumstances.

Children often come to us when their cognitive, emotional and/or motor development is different than with other children. For example in the case of neurological issues. But also when the processing of stimuli is different, for example with children on the autism spectrum.

Adults similarly come to us for varying issues. For example after brain damage from a stroke. But clients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome also report receiving benefits from Neuromovement. Neuromovement helpt the brain to better use the body as it is intended. In that way, it is also beneficial in the case of stiffness, range of motion limitations and various chronic pains.

The above are just a few examples of when Neuromovement can help. Find out more here.